Bluefin will be a community supported option for Framework Laptops

Hey ya’ll, I’m happy to announce that Bluefin will be listed as a community supported option on Framework’s Linux page: Framework | Linux Compatibility on the Framework Laptop

There was a ton of energy around Framework at this year’s OSS Summit and their booth was pretty packed. People are excited about these and the Linux experience is pretty great.

I’ve been dogfooding Bluefin on mine for almost a year and I think we’ve collectively built an alternative to folks who are looking for something different that can stand a cut above what people expect from a Linux desktop experience.

My friend Chris Short bought his right at the booth via his phone, and we’re going to set it up tonight via this livestream, where I’ll be discussing the features, what I love about these laptops, and provide more of an overview of what we’re thinking in this post F40 world:

I don’t have many details as I’ve yet to meet with Matt to discuss specifics, but probably over the next week or so we’ll get more information out, I just wanted to let ya’ll know as soon as possible since it’s on reddit already heh.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us, our journey towards the final shape continues!

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[1:23:06] when you are on a Framework, we give you a special framework wallpaper

I remember that this was a thing with the bluefin-framework images, but given that these images have been discontinued (because the framework-specific kernel arguments are now part of the main bluefin image) I wonder if this feature is still there in the regular bluefin images. I still have the regular dino wallpaper. Maybe I need to reset my wallpaper settings somewhere?

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This was on the framework images, we’re trying to figure out a way to bring it back.


@j0rge that was a great video! we need more of those deep dive, they’re so informative to discover all the possibilities available, especially for new comers!
Thanks for doing this :+1:

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