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GOverlay has been removed from Bazzite due to reports of it breaking user’s /etc/environment file. You can still install it with other methods like a Distrobox container, but please be aware that it modifies configuration files. We will not support any issues with broken configuration files due to misconfiguration of GOverlay.


Photo credit: HikariKnight

Bazzite is a custom image of Fedora Atomic Desktop 40 utilizing Universal Blue’s custom image framework designed to bring users the best in Linux gaming for their PCs, including the Steam Deck and other handhelds. Bazzite’s newsletters highlight all of the work we have been doing to bring our users the best features ready to go for their PCs, home theater setups, and handheld gaming devices.

If you are new to the project, then here’s how this technology works. Bazzite and other Universal Blue images follow the continuous delivery methodology of development, which means we’re constantly adding new features and squashing bugs to the image through updates. These updates also include anything directly from upstream (Fedora and Universal Blue) and upgrades from the packages we include.

This newsletter is intended to inform current users what has changed in Bazzite since the last Buzz and what we have in store for the future. This edition will cover the Bazzite 3.0.1 update and any changes that occurred afterwards. All of the new features and fixes can be found at the bottom of this newsletter under the “Changelog” section.

Framework Ready

Both Bazzite and Bluefin will be the official community-supported operating systems for Framework laptops. Both have added numerous features and fixes to cooperate with Framework hardware.

New additions for Framework images were added including:

  • Framework branding
  • Color calibration
  • Better compatibility

Framework | Linux Compatibility on the Framework Laptop

Homebrew Package Manager for Bazzite


Homebrew has been pre-installed to the image. It is a package manager intended for command-line interface (CLI) and terminal user interface (TUI) packages. We hope this covers some of the terminal-centric utilities that our users may need for Bazzite.


Install superfile with this command:

brew install superfile

Run it with this command:


Read more:

Nvidia :heart: Wayland… Soon :tm:


Nvidia’s proprietary drivers and running a Wayland session is not a great combo currently due to several issues between the two. Nvidia drivers having issues with the Wayland windowing session is something out of our control, but the newest driver should fix long standing issues and properly support Wayland like AMD and Intel drivers.

When the new Nvidia 555 drivers are stable and in the RPM Fusion repository, then Nvidia users will be delighted to hear that several issues have been confirmed to have been fixed such as application flickering, stuttering, and other strange issues that occur with Nvidia hardware. The next major Bazzite release, which is the upcoming Bazzite 3.1.0, will include the new drivers. Soon, Nvidia users will no longer have to suffer exclusive bugs with Wayland, but it will not fix all the issues associated with their closed source drivers on the Linux desktop.

The X11 session will be removed from Bazzite by default when the driver is stable. Users can opt to install it again, but we would prefer users stay on Wayland since X11 is no longer maintained and eventually when Bazzite 4.0 (Fedora 41 builds) arrives, then there will no longer be the option to use X11 for GNOME and KDE Plasma. This decision is not done by us, but by Fedora special interest groups involved with the two desktop environments.


The new default wallpaper

Desktop Changes

There is now a new default Universal Blue wallpaper that ships with Bazzite. This is to move away from the SteamOS branding to separate us from SteamOS. Shortcuts to documentation and the “Landing Page” are now pre-installed as applications, so they will always be a click away. This only links to the documentation website and is not the offline documentation that is planned for the future. We are still thinking of ways to do that.

Root Account Removed from Installer

The installer has been simplified on recent ISOs to remove the “Root Account” option. This option was known for breaking functionality on Bazzite if enabled in the installation. One day we will have access to a stable WebUI Anaconda installer which may solve issues that users experience installing Bazzite.

Developer Edition Coming Soon

Bazzite plans to integrate a “Developer Edition” image. Plans to center around shipping developer tools and with a focus on game development. However, we’re open to other fields of concentrations too.

Feedback is welcomed in this thread. We do not have a timeline when this will be ready and are investigating different methods outside of making it a separate image that would require rebasing on current installations, but for now that is the only solution we have available.

Bazzite Portal Revamp Coming Soon

Preview for Bluefin

Alex Banna is rewriting the application that is known as the “Bazzite Portal” on Bazzite, but is actually called YAFTI, or Yet Another First Time Installer. The application has been completely rewritten to improve the UI/UX with it. It will not be in Bazzite until some remaining bugs are squashed, but soon the Bazzite Portal would be improved enough that will be intended to be used after first-time setup too.

For now, we added Main Menu to replace PinApp, Fightcade, and fixed the documentation link in the current version. We would like feedback on what other applications that can be added to the Bazzite Portal. How would you give us that feedback? Keep reading towards the next section of the newsletter to find out!

Your Bazzite Experience #3 Survey

We’d appreciate if you participated in our survey regarding your experience using Bazzite, hardware demographics, and ways to improve Bazzite including what applications that should be part of the new Bazzite Portal when it arrives. The survey should only take between 5-10 minutes, and we thank you in advance if you participate. Results from this survey will be posted on our forums in the future.

Also yes, I know I spelled technical wrong after creating it.

Minisforum V3 Tablet Bazzite Showcase

A showcase of Bazzite on the new Misinforum V3 AMD Tablet with Steam Gaming Mode fully functional to turn it into a full mobile gaming tablet. Waydroid also gives you Android support too. Desktop images (without Steam Gaming Mode) also work for this tablet as well.

A Growing Community

Bazzite wasn’t built in a day, but it certainly grew within a 6 months. A reminder to all of our users that Bazzite isn’t about having better performance in comparison to other operating systems. It’s about having all of the gaming utilities you would expect out of the box and easily accessible, and intended to be a stable and hassle-free desktop Linux experience aimed for those who want things to just work. The majority of the world does not finding debugging issues and opening the terminal to enter foreign commands they found off the internet to be the definition of a good time.

It hasn’t been even 1 year since we had released the first ISO to the public in early August 2023. We have had a huge boost in popularity though. Reading the forums and Discord channels indicate that a lot of new Linux users and we will try to cater towards newbies. From here on, we are only trying to make Bazzite easier to use.

Working Out The Kinks

If you’re experiencing issues or feel there’s some growing pains present in the OS still, then it is unfortunately expected. The project is young and different hardware setups and system configurations may not have reproducible results for us to test on new builds. However, we are thrilled about our ever-growing community, but since Bazzite is still fresh, please report any issues to our Github issue tracker or in our Discord help threads. This possibly may be the most popular Fedora Atomic image out there which is completely new territory compared to a traditional distribution.

Upstream issues happen, but we are like the delivery team for your operating system. Software that we ship or is shipped with Fedora can have major bugs. Steam Gaming Mode is a front-end that is exclusively intended right now for the Steam Deck. We ship the same session and issues may occur on other devices that Valve is not testing. If there is an issue with a system update or application update, then rollback or downgrade the application temporarily.

There are also technical limitations that are out of our control at this time. OCI images cannot remove the Bazzite packages we install as part of the image, but soon systemd-sysext will be implemented properly to allow us to extend Bazzite in a way that’s more granular.

Universal Blue News

Re-Designed Logo

Ublue New Discord logo

Universal Blue’s main logo has rebranded the Universal Blue logo to look sleek and stylish. We also now have a new inclusive Discord logo to complement it. Thanks to reisvg for creating the new branding!

Universal Blue Structure Diagram

Photo credit: xyny

Sometimes we are asked if Bazzite is maintained by only a couple of people, but there are three large groups maintaining the project:

  1. Bazzite maintainers and contributors
  2. Universal Blue maintainers and contributors
  3. Fedora maintainers and contributors (Bazzite receives all of the same updates)

Diagram Source:

Fedora 40 Release Party

Universal Blue maintainer, Noel Miller, presented Universal Blue during the Fedora 40 Release Party and explained in-depth the quick history of our project over the last year and what our future will look like.

Fedora Magazine Spotlight

Fedora Magazine highlighted the Universal Blue project again with all of the new changes we made for 40 builds. It’s always reassuring to have upstream recognize the project since they’re doing most of the heavy lifting.

Atomic Studio Custom Image Showcase

Atomic Studio is a new custom Fedora image intended for content creators and artists. A Linux operating system that targets creatives. This uses BlueBuild which is the continuation of Universal Blue’s old custom image template that grew to be its own project. Its great to see more custom images popping up for general consumption.

Check out a list of other custom Fedora images here.

Upgrading Bazzite

Current users can upgrade to the newest builds by updating their system and rebooting. User-installed applications will also be upgraded in the process. Updating may take a while and is dependent on your internet download speed plus the performance of the drive Bazzite is installed on.

Desktop Images

Desktop images will usually auto-update once per day and apply on a reboot, but if you are impatient and want the update now, then open the new System Update tool.

Alternatively, open the terminal and enter:

ujust update

Wait for it to finish, then reboot to be on the latest Bazzite build.

Handheld/HTPC Images

In Gaming Mode, open:
Steam Menu > Settings > System and press the Check for updates button.

Alternatively, use the steps above for “Desktop Images” in Desktop Mode.

Installing Bazzite

New to the project? Read our FAQ and check out other documentation and guides surrounding the project before proceeding. Install the latest Bazzite and follow the installation guide specific to your device.

Community Resources

General Information

Social & Support Pages

Contributing to Universal Blue & Bazzite


(since the last Bazzite Buzz)

Desktop Images


  • Added a new default Universal Blue wallpaper
  • Added Homebrew to Bazzite’s image pre-installed
    • Current users who used the older ujust command can still continue using that without any manual intervention
  • Added new shortcuts for documentation and a landing page which includes new announcements, newsletters, and the forums
  • Ship ryzenadj on Desktop images
  • Upgraded to Mesa 24.0.7
  • EmuDeck AppImage added to Desktop images
  • Added Steam Deck SD card mounting to desktop images to desktop images
  • Added changelog command hint for MOTD in the terminal
  • Added option to enable desktop integration for Waydroid
    • Waydroid now properly supports native windows for individual applications
  • Deprecate looking-glass shm in favor of kvmfr module
  • CDEmu ujust command now finalized
  • Added ujust setup-luks-tpm-unlock to support auto-locking encrypted drives
  • Added a ujust command to install Boxtron
  • Added a ujust command to restart Proton
    • ujust fix-proton-hang
  • Re-add rmlint as an optional package
  • ujust patch-gmod is added as an alias to ujust fix-gmod
  • Added a udev rule to do CEC on-boot when Bluetooth device connection is established
  • Added Valve patched Xwayland package
  • Ptyxis can now be completely opaque as an option
  • Added Mutter with Xwayland fractional scaling patch
  • Removed Parsec from the Bazzite Portal due to end of life runtimes
  • Added Fightcade to the Bazzite Portal
  • Added an “install date” to the fastfetch configuration
    • Flex to your friends how long you have had Bazzite installed
  • Framework Hardware: Use Framework logo for Logo Menu <3
  • Framework Hardware: Added Steam-Drive-Mounter for desktop images
  • Framework Hardware: Added color calibration files for the Framework 16
  • Framework Hardware: Added needed kernel arguments and extensions to setup scripts
  • Framework Hardware: Added font size patch for Framework 13
  • Framework Hardware: Move OSD over volume buttons
  • Framework Hardware: Use older MediaTek firmware for Framework 16
  • GNOME: Updated gnome-shell to version 46.1
  • GNOME: Use auto-power-profile extension with customization from Universal Blue
  • GNOME: Added spec file for compiz-alike magic lamp


  • Kernel upgrade to fix certain games from crashing that required BIOS settings like REBAR
  • Fixed dGPU detection sometimes not working
  • Fixed Bluetooth issues with certain devices
  • Fixed the user setup script
  • Fixed issues with Waydroid
  • Correct issue with Steam refusing to launch on some multi-gpu hardware when launched on the dGPU
  • No longer inform users to configure grub when showing virtualization
  • Fixed some issues with the Misinforum V3
  • Fixed _ujust _install-system-flatpaks not working if it detects applications already installed
  • Fixed issues with btrfs-deup service
  • Fixed an issue where microSD cards would report as full when they are not
  • fixed ujust command for Open Tablet Driver
  • Corrected sunshine workaround on latest builds
  • Corrected the documentation link on the Bazzite Portal
  • Improved language-sensible templates setup
    • Uses xdg-user-dirs to obtain a localized path to templates directory (with $HOME/Templates as fallback)
      Should fix any related issues with Gnome nautilus not detecting templates using other language that English.
  • Always use root for Waydroid GPU selector
  • KDE: Fixed issues with KDE Plasma crashing
  • KDE: Fixed issue with theme picker under KDE6 for Vapor and VGUI2.
  • GNOME: Change thread type to fix random GNOME login screen crashes

Handheld/HTPC Images


  • New features from the Desktop images that apply
  • Upgraded Gamescope
  • Added remaining patches to Gamescope (Thanks ChimeraOS team)!
  • Added Handheld Controller Glyphs ujust command which has support for multiple handhelds.
  • Added libraries (libaccs and libbluray) for Bluray playback


  • Fixes from the Desktop images that apply
  • Fixed crashing when using the touchscreen on certain handhelds
  • Correct power save issue automatically on the ASUS ROG Ally
  • GPD Win Mini 2024 rotation fix
  • Fixed battery service on the latest BIOs on Steam Deck hardware
  • Improved performance on the Steam Deck OLED

See also: Bazzite 3.0.1 Released


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Is there anywhere we can follow progress on release 3.1? Activity related to the release is not evident in Github.

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