ARM Possibilities?

Do we know if Bluefin or Aurora are also capable of being based off of ARM Fedora images? I can’t afford one, but I would love to see testing of these wonderful images on Snapdragon X Elite laptops or tablets.

Has anyone done any testing on those?

That’s a #metoo :grinning:

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X13s sitting and waiting for it :sweat_smile:.

Back in March I even started a “brute hack” aimed at setting up (a.k.a. monkey patch) the Bluefin build pipeline for building an Fedora ARM ISO.

The idea was, once I had all the device-independent layers on ARM (1), to add an overlay for the x13s’ specific requirements (2) to get it booting Fedora.

Unfort. I ran out of time (or patience? :upside_down_face:) to get step 1. working.

Also, around this time, the even more promising X Elite hardware being worked on showed up. And I was, and still I’am, hoping that this will lead to more traction for Blueing on ARM.

From my understanding the team would love to see Bluefin et al. on ARM, though seeking help from ARM knowledgeable folks, now that there are likely no more tech blockers (GitHub ARM builders support not being GA , Fedora and Asahi base, etc.).

Best M.

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yea we wish we had arm support as well but its hard to do when you do not have the hardware, i belive there are few of us who want to get hands on some hardware

i know if i had Snapdragon x laptop i would get it running as soon as i could

It was cool seeing the work compiled into that Fedora wiki page! I’m a Framework Laptop 13 (7840U) owner and I’ve been maining Fedora on it for a while, but unable to throw Bluefin on it yet due to needing some natively-installed software. Would be really cool to see if we could get Bluefin or Aurora working on the RISC-V board that may be out in coming months for the Frameworks.

Does your X13s have that 8c2 or previous gen snapdragon processor? Cool to see it working. The only friend I have who owns ARM hardware is a Macbook Pro running Asahi Linux, so I feel it would be a different process getting Bluefin/Aurora working there than on the new X1E chips, but I look forward to future developments!

We’re waiting on the arm runners to become available:

Not a programmer/coder, but I think that Bluefin would be able to take advantage of the same process as Fedora Asahi Remix, which is working great on my MacBook Pro M2. No Thunderbolt functionality, but everything else seems to be doing great. I would move it to Bluefin if that were available for us mere mortal non-programmers.

I would love to work on this but I think one of the main showstoppers right now is that the arm OCI Images on are not tagged correctly / not built and so you can’t get a Kinoite arm64 image currently. But once these are available and Linux 6.11 is current, I’d love to bring it to a X-Elite Laptop. :eyes: (eyeing the Lenovo Slim 7x)

Ooooh, keep us updated on that if you do testing!