Bazzite 3.0.1 Update Released

Squashing Bugs :beetle:

This minor update focuses on patching up bugs that occurred in version 3.0.0 while also adding a few enhancements to Bazzite. This includes a default desktop wallpaper and Steam Deck microSD card auto-mount functionality to desktop images. This update should primarily fix regressions that HTPC and handheld users have experienced since the transition to Fedora 40 builds.


Desktop Images


  • Added a new default Universal Blue wallpaper
  • Added Steam Deck SD card mounting to Desktop images to desktop images
  • Added changelog command hint for MOTD in the terminal
  • Added needed kernel arguments and extensions to setup scripts for Framework hardware
  • Deprecate looking-glass shm in favor of kvmfr module
  • Added ujust setup-luks-tpm-unlock to support auto-locking encrypted drives
  • Added powerstat and a ujust command for it
    • Measures power consumption
    • ujust check-idle-power-draw
  • Framework Hardware: Add needed kernel arguments and extensions to setup scripts
  • Framework Hardware: Use Framework logo for Logo Menu (Universal Blue <3 Framework)
  • GNOME: Added compiz-alike magic lamp effect


  • Fixed issues upgrading/rebasing to Fedora 40 builds due to issues with RPMFusion
  • Fixed Bluetooth issues with certain devices
  • Fixed user setup script typos and errors
  • Correct issue with Steam refusing to launch on some multi-gpu hardware when launched on the dGPU
  • No longer inform users to configure grub when showing virtualization
  • KDE: Remove the XWayland Video Bridge as it is no longer neeeded
  • KDE: Fixed issue with theme picker under KDE6 for Vapor and VGUI2

Handheld/HTPC Images


  • New features from the Desktop images that apply
  • Added new version of Gamescope
  • Added remaining patches to Gamescope (Thanks ChimeraOS team)!
  • Added Handheld Controller Glyphs ujust command which has support for multiple handhelds


  • Fixes from the Desktop images that apply
  • Fixed Steam Gaming Mode not functioning on AMD Radeon RX 7xxx series GPUs
  • Fixed crashing when using the touchscreen on certain handhelds
  • GPD Win Mini 2024 Rotation Fix
  • Improved performance on the Steam Deck OLED


Three changes were made in this update that may affect your usage after updating to this version of Bazzite. Workarounds are included to prevent losing functionality after this update.

1 - GOverlay Has Been Removed

GOverlay has been removed from Bazzite. The application is fine on its own and works as intended, but many users were accidentally breaking configuration files using this application. We have made the decision to remove it from Bazzite.

If you still desire to use GOverlay then you can use an alternative method like installing it in a Distrobox container. Read more about installing and managing additional software on Bazzite for more information on how to use Distrobox.

Note: We will not support broken installations due to improper usage of GOverlay.

2 - Ollama ujust Command Temporarily Removed

This is going to be part of Universal Blue upstream soon, so we’re removing it for now. It will return very soon. Current Ollama installations should be fine. If you want to use this setup script, then it is advised to enter the command before updating or rollback to set it up.

3 - Steam Gaming Mode Swipe Gestures Broken (Will Return Soon)

We have reports that the latest builds have broken the swipe gesture. Rollback or rebase to builds before May 1st/2nd. Use the the bazzite-rollback-helper command if you need help.

Learn more about rolling back and rebasing with our documentation.

Upgrading Bazzite

Current users can upgrade to the newest builds by updating their system and rebooting. User-installed applications will also be upgraded in the process. Updating may take a while and is dependent on your internet download speed plus the performance of the drive Bazzite is installed on.

Desktop Images

Desktop images will usually auto-update once per day and apply on a reboot, but if you are impatient and want the update now, then open the new System Update tool.

Alternatively, open the terminal and enter:

ujust update

Wait for it to finish, then reboot to be on the latest Bazzite build.

Handheld/HTPC Images

In Gaming Mode, open:
Steam Menu > Settings > System and press the Check for updates button.

Alternatively, use the steps above for “Desktop Images” in Desktop Mode.

Installing Bazzite

New to the project? Read our FAQ and check out other documentation and guides surrounding the project before proceeding. Install the latest Bazzite and follow the installation guide specific to your device.

Community Resources

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Great, gaming mode works once again on AMD 7000 series. :+1:

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Does that mean we could use LUKS on the Steam Deck and unlock with its TPM?

What’s the tablet shown in the featured graphic? Someone on Mastodon is asking.

An expensive one: the Misinforum V3 AMD Tablet.

Photo is by Aaron Lee.

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Seems like updates on Unstable don’t work? It says there’s no updates at all and it’s still on a 39 release.

Forcing a rebase to the same branch (rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker:// to see if it can force an update also doesn’t seem to fix it, it’s still a 39 version and specifically “daa008161347ac8435f3eb2ea63f2dd296e3db983abf11b8dfe293d416d67b84” which was published 3 months ago, guessing nobody updated unstable to point to a newer release?

We do not recommend using Unstable. These are test playgrounds intended for the maintainers and contributors. We are aware it isn’t up to date, but there are certain components in there, like new desktop environments, that are not ready to be released yet.

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