Bluefin F40 Beta builds now available

We’ve turned on Fedora 40 builds of Bluefin! This will become latest when it’s released. You can try it by rebasing, here’s an example from the stock bluefin image. Make sure you check the docs and Using rpm-ostree for more information. Don’t forget to pin a known good deployment!

Also please note that F40 is still in Beta, so if you get a raptor bite don’t say I didn’t warn you. :smile: :

rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://

Also note that if you’re on a Framework image those won’t be getting upgraded to F40, instead Bluefin will support Framework laptops in the stock image. I’ll have instructions on how to do that when F40 releases. Here’s the thread in the Framework forum if you want to follow along.


is there a repo that would allow us things like this for Universal Blue?

ostree remote refs fedora | grep silverblue | grep $(uname -m)

No those are ostree remotes, we use the OCI method so we get our updates from image registries.

The Logo Menu is missing on my system. There is no Fedora icon in the top left corner. There is only the workspace switcher. Is that intentional? Has it moved somewhere else?

We probably don’t have F40 builds of logomenu going yet.

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@j0rge - This is awesome! Great work, really looking forward to this, but it leads me to another thing I don’t understand about rpm-ostree and yes, I’ve been digging through the documentation. So I want to try out F40, I’m on bluefin-dx:latest so I would expect to be able to find that build if I just did an upgrade but no:

❯ rpm-ostree upgrade
note: automatic updates (stage) are enabled
Pulling manifest: ostree-image-signed:docker://
No upgrade available.

But if I call it out F40 specifically there it is:

❯ rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://
Pulling manifest: ostree-image-signed:docker://
Importing: ostree-image-signed:docker:// (digest: sha256:cd79887f7962e6a15eb5c75e0b6e4e0417d82f6b6c9079af358c80d15e643173)

So I’ve switched to bluefin-dx:40 to try it out, but later if I want to upgrade that wouldn’t I go back to bluefin-dx:latest? Thanks for the help, love the development of ublue, esp bluefin(-dx), it’s the desktop I’ve always been looking for!

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Yeah right now latest points to F39, which is why you weren’t able to upgrade, as of right now the latest stable version of Fedora is 39.

When Fedora 40 releases we will update latest to point to Fedora 40, at that point all the machines following latest will move to F40 the next time they update. Basically, if you always want to be on the latest version you stick to latest, if you want to go early then you rebase to :40, which is what you just did.

When 40 comes out you can either stick with 40 or switch it back to latest, they’ll both be the same.


After updating to F40 builds, SELinux starts causing errors with libvirtd:

The Logo menu uses the Framework logo on my system now. Nice!

Can you keep a secret? We don’t want to spoil the announcement. :smile:

(This is gonna be awesome.)