Thanks for all the hard work!

I just wanted to share a quick thank you. Bazzite is amazing! I have it on a gaming laptop, which is where I started, and now on my Steam Deck. Amazing experience and everything works.

There were some issues related to NVIDIA, but they have worked out over time. The ability to rollback was handy when the video card issue cropped up.

I did have trouble with the Gnome version on my laptop. The laptop is connected to two external displays and the HDMI display seemed to the issue. In any case, the KDE version works perfect.

Thanks again and have a great day!


I wanted to say thank you as well. Bazzite literally made my ROG Ally feel like a new console. It feels like this is the way it’s meant to be used. Games run better. There’s no stutter on any game. Quick resume is amazing.