No X11 option on login screen

Hi! On the end-user version of Aurora I can’t find an X11 option on the Plasma login screen. I have no X11 or Wayland option at all, actually. According to this issue, Aurora should have X11 added back in. How do I use it?

rpm-ostree install plasma-workspace-x11

Then reboot.

There’s a good chance you will have to remove this package before upgrading to Fedora 41 builds since the KDE SIG for Fedora plans to remove the package entirely for that release.

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Thanks! Which means it’s actually not baked into the Aurora image, but needs to be layered?

Someone mentioned the same in that issue, but someone else said it would be available via COPR. If it’s going to be completely gone by 41, I will have to go with another distro (due to this reason).

But I guess we don’t know that now?

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Kwin-x11 is feature prozen since years. Maintaining it is not much work, as there are no changes.

There will be a COPR for sure and you will not need to uninstall it very likely.

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Thanks, that’s excellent!

link to this copr please

@tolga_erok @mikael

I think my wording was not clear enough.

There is no COPR, I will not do a COPR, likely nobody in uBlue will do a COPR.

The .spec file for kwin-x11 is available online.

the last build for kwin-x11 was in Fedora 39

There you find the ScrRPM which you can use to create a COPR repo.

here is more info on that build including the spec file

I think the Bazzite guys are going to host the package (among surely others too) on the coprs from where it can be layered once it is gets removed from Fedora (F41 i guess)