Driver Improvements in Testing

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know we’re working on some improvements for Mesa in :testing. For AMD users we’ve merged this patchset, which can offer up to +75% performance in ray tracing.

Meanwhile, Nvidia users are getting a new Vulkan driver to test – NVK. This will be present on all non-nvidia builds after the next kernel release, and promises much better Wayland support and a much more stable desktop experience - at the cost of ~40% of your performance. This of course will improve rapidly over the next year, so it remains a great option for those who aren’t on the bleeding edge.

Be sure to rebase to :testing today and let us know your thoughts!


In my desktop with a igpu intel (uhd 770) as primary output and rtx3060 as second one (nvk), I ran glmark2-wayland with DRI_PRIME=1. It’s working but still slow. Running dmesg I got firmware load error in gsp entries.