Brew is now installed by default in Aurora, Bluefin, and Bazzite

Fresh off the release of Homebrew 4.3.0 it’s time for a quick update! @m2Giles led the effort for shipping homebrew out of the box with Aurora, Bluefin, and Bazzite.

Up to now we had to depend on you to manually install homebrew, but now it just comes right on there on a clean install. Existing users will be upgraded in place, it’ll be transparent to you. We’ve updated the motd:

We no longer (strongly) recommend you install homebrew since we include that for you. Instead we added a ujust bluefin-cli, which will get you the cool tools like eza, fd, zoxide, etc. pulled from brew and then installed in your local host. We still need to bling that up a little bit, that’ll come later.

So basically, fresh installs of Aurora, Bazzite, and Bluefin now have a consistent package manager between them via brew. brew is perfect for people who want to linux but don’t do development, especially new users that want to try all of these CLI tools. This gives them behavior more like what they’re used to with a traditional distro where you just want to apt-get install something and move on with your life.

Here’s something cool I found in brew which isn’t in fedora, do a brew install superfile, and then run spf for a cool console file manager.

Another one I recommend is brew install dysk for a slick streamlined du replacement. Enjoy!


I personally prefer Nix, but for the target users of Aurora, Bluefin, and Bazzite I do agree that Brew (and pip/pipx) makes more sense.

(btw, IMHO Aurora should just be combined with Bluefin - just like how everything’s Atomic in Fedora, and Bazzite just have different editions).

So if I previously installed brew with just, I don’t have to do anything, right?

Correct. This makes it so the ujust brew is no longer needed for setting up brew.


What are your favorite applications you installed with Nix?

Hey all,

Please disregard this post, I was either outdated or completely wrong about this… XD…
Sorry all!

Nix with SELinux is kind of a pain, and disabling SELinux is a no-go for most people (or if it isn’t, it probably should be).

I think Brew is a good compromise.

That being said, for anyone interested, there’s a guide here on how to setup the Nix Package Manager without completely disabling SELinux.


  • Dan

EDIT: Looks like my info was outdated or just wrong… Sorry about that everyone! Thanks @storopoli and @f0nzie for the correction!

I don’t understand why you need all that. I’ve just ran the determinate systems nix installer and it takes cares of everything…

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Could you expand on the issue, please? I have been using Nix from Bluefin-DX and didn’t mess at all with SELinux. Am I missing something?

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Sorry @storopoli and @f0nzie,

Looks like my info was out of date. This is what I had to do a year or two ago to get Nix working.

I’ll correct the post.


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I pretty much manage most of my CLI tools through Nix. My order of preference goes: Flatpak > Nix > Conty > Distrobox (though I’ve been trying to slim down what I have installed to just what I always need). I also like to use nix-shell to try out some stuff before adding them to my permanent installed apps.

I have a repo for my Nix config here: GitHub - bayazidbh/home-manager: home-manager files

But anyways, this isn’t really a topic about Nix, was just a bit surprised with Brew since we were pretty big on Nix before Fleek was abandoned and all that.

It’s nice that Homebrew is available, but I haven’t found anything there I couldn’t find in Flathub or in an Arch container, and I’m concerned that now that it’s standard equipment, there may now be “feature creep” of dependencies on Homebrew.

I’ve never owned a Mac so I never had an interest in exploring Homebrew. Pretty much everything I need is available in either Flathub, conda-forge or an Arch Linux container. And I can always build from source. Can we go back to Homebrew being an option?

I see you’ve added an option to the ujust menu to remove Homebrew. Thanks!!

@jedi453 ,
You would be absolutely right if a user goes to the Nix website and tries to install the version there. The issues that you mentioned will be there. But if the same user installs from the instructions in Determinate System, that script will work flawlessly in Silverblue derivatives.

You were 50% right after all! And I was 50% wrong!

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This applies to version 40 only, correct? Or do you intend to make this change on 39 too? (Fwiw I think that would be weird and maybe not what gts users would expect.)

It swapped over last week. :smile: