[Open to Feedback] Bazzite "Developer Experience" Variants

Similar to Bluefin’s Developer Experience images, Bazzite will include images that are intended for developers which can be installed or rebased and come pre-installed with development workflows out of the box. The focus will be mainly on game development, but we would like to explore other options if users are interested in other development tools that should come pre-installed on the variants as well.

All -dx variants will still offer the same choice for desktop environments and Steam Gaming Mode.

Suggestions for the Upcoming Developer Experience (-dx) Images

We would love feedback for what applications should be included centered around game development and debugging tools, and anything else that may interest you in general development. We are also open to other areas outside of game development, but there will be a focus on that particular audience. Maintainers have agreed on shipping the Godot Engine as one of the pre-installed applications for this image so far.

Please comment in this thread or the Github resources down below for any suggestions or comments regarding the development images that will be shipping in the future for Bazzite.

Github Resources

I would love to see it include podman, vs code, git, rclone/rsync.

I would use hugo for site building.

I wouldn’t mind seeing audacity, kdenlive, krita as easy options to install.

Maybe instead of VScode use VScodium. It is the same, but without the telemetry that VScode has.

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Godot Engine sounds great, a gaming distro where you can make games too. Streaming and video editing software might also be good for the dx side.


Why can’t we just add a new option to the Bazzite Portal which enables use to install the developer/development software we want? This way you don’t have to maintain a new image and people can actually choose what kind of software they want to have installed.

Eventually the Bazzite Portal should include some of this stuff anyways (after the re-write which is currently beta software) but development usually comes with different requirements. The image plans to be more than only pre-installing some software.

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I would be happy with just whatever bluefin-dx has. I dont think there is a reason to make it more opinionated than that (i am a fullstack dev). Configs, container stuff and vscode and then the rest of the stuff can be added via portal.


Would love a bluefin/aurora-dx-gaming spin.

This is also my view, for what it’s worth.

Conceptually I like the idea of building Bazzite-dx around game dev (Godot etc), but I’m not sure it’s actually the best course.

Virtually by definition, there are fewer game devs than devs of other kinds.

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I have zero interest in game development, but I applaud the idea of having one stop solution for game dev. I remember Jonathan Blow constantly complaining how Linux dx is not existent. Hopefully more aspired could start developing games with Linux in mind.

I think the bluefin/aurora -dx experience would be sufficient? Godot has a flatpak, which can lock versions, and one might be better served sandboxing things like Unity and Unreal in Distroboxes. I’m not a game dev by trade or serious hobby, but any time I’ve used Godot I just used its flatpaks and appimages anyway.

I think building around the current -dx experience would be a solid start. At risk of pushing too far, even a -gdx would be a solid option: and at build-time have it depend on -dx. This is more of a pipe dream currently after the initial tooling is done for the modularization of the various image parts (-dx/-nvidia/-surface/etc) that I believe ublue is doing as a whole?

I just want to offer that I’m saying this as somebody who switched to Aurora for its inclusion of Docker, VSCode and libvirt virtualization. I definitely have an interest in helping with any developments as much as I can (mostly testing, but anything I can).

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How about a DX version each for DevOps, Game Devs and Content/Video creators, AI/ML devs.