Is there a way to have the "developer" experience of Bluefin with KDE?

First of all, i truly admire of what you guys do. I have been a huge fan of Bazzite.

I’ve always wondered why noone has ever made a “developer” distro. Yesterday, i was reading bluefin docs and found out that this is one of it’s main feature, focused for developers. But the problem is bluefin is using Gnome and i really dislike it (maybe because im used to plasma).

Would there be a way to get the ultimate developer experience out of the box in KDE?

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It’s being worked on, you just happened to hit a transitional period for the Plasma Desktop. There is the Aurora Image (Sorry, I don’t have a link handy) that does much of what Bluefin does for GNOME, that is based on Fedora 39 and Plasma 5. Fedora will be switching to Plasma 6 for F40, and that is something I’m working on putting together a version of, but it’s absolutely not “ready” for end users to be poking at yet.


Check this out!


Thanks @j0rge my websearch-fu was failing me.

This is very neat! Thank you!