How to see if an Nvidia GPU is supported?

I’m trying to help a friend out who’s trying Linux for the first time in a while. He started with Bazzite and says it’s been the best experience for gaming of the distros he’s tried, but every time he tries to run Counter-Strike 2 the Vulkan drivers take forever to load and he gets screen stuttering.

One thing I’m troubleshooting is whether his graphics card is too old. It’s a GTX 960 SC. Is there a way to see which Nvidia drivers are currently included in Bazzite to then check whether this card is supported? He’s tried Bazzite, PopOS, and Garuda all with the same problem even though they’re supposed to have Nvidia support.

So, it may, or may not be too old. The GTX960 needs the 470.x series driver, which is quite old, I’m not entirely certain which driver package bazzite is including by default, but many distributions aren’t supporting them anymore.

I believe the 470.x driver will compile properly against the 6.6+ Linux Kernels, but don’t quote me on that.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming a case where NVIDIA’s support for anything older than the GTX 1xxx series cards is becoming harder to support on Linux systems.

Thanks for the insight, it seems like that’s the case for my friend. I would still like clarity for the state of Bazzite, but this is enough to go off. That PC may be destined for Windows again. We’ll see where else he may want to experiment, lol.

Not according to Nvidia’s supported cards for their current driver

shrug Then go ahead and try it.
I don’t have NVIDIA hardware of any sort to test on.

Based on my websearching, so it’s purely anecdotal, everybody is saying the 470.x series driver for that card, they certainly could be wrong, I’d hope NVIDIA knows what cards their drivers support.

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The website is now explicit about what’s supported, thanks!

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