Will "bazzite" work well with nvidia video cards 16 series+?

Will “bazzite” work well with nvidia video cards 16 series+? Because the site says about video cards of the 10+ series. I’m afraid something will go wrong…

I don’t know about Bazzite but I have run both Silverblue and Bluefin with my Acer laptop with a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU for months with no issues at all.

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16 series (Turing, effectively 20 series without RTX) is a generation newer than the 10 series (Pascal), it’s only a couple of generations behind current so expect it will remain supported for a while. They still haven’t killed off the 10 series and 16/20 series+ should have support for the upcoming open source NVK driver and open source kernel modules.

With the upcoming driver improvements 16/20 series isn’t a bad place to be as long as the performance is sufficient for your use case.

Even if they stop supporting, will I be able to install the driver from their website and use the system normally?