Is Gsync with nvidia driver 550.78 enabled or not? How can I definitely test it?

I am very pleased with using Bazzite in my computer (5800x3D and RTX 3080) but I am not sure wether Gsync is in place or not. I am using Fedora Linux 40.20240605.0 (Bazzite GNOME) fwiw. Do you know of a test or something I can use to know for sure?

Ok, I was able to get the indicator for Gsync usage by using Gnome Xorg window manager. But apparently, it’s only on in some games? Rocket league seems to work, although with some hiccups that I hope will be corrected with explicit sync in nvidia 560, but for 2 other games (Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends) the indicator for Gsync says “Normal”, so it’s off.

Could someone else replicate these things?


Aaaand, it’s gone. Now no Gsync indication on any game. I thought that maybe the proton version had to do with that, but no luck.