Error adjusting Ptyxis transparency

I’m having trouble with Ptyxis transparency. I’ve read the setup article and I’ve been trying the ujust command (ujust ptyxis-transparency opacity="0.95") but I continually get this error:

$ ujust ptyxis-transparency opacity="0.50"
++ echo opacity=0.50
++ grep -v '^[.0-9]*$'
+ [[ -n opacity=0.50 ]]
+ printf 'Value must be numeric: %s.\n' opacity=0.50
Value must be numeric: opacity=0.50.

I’ve tried sudo, I’ve tried with quotes and without around the number.

I’m probably missing something fundamentally obvious, but at this point I need help with where to go from here.


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ujust ptyxis-transparency .50

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Thanks for this. Works as it’s supposed to. I obviously need to do more reading on how to use ujust.

I appreciate your time @Plyply.

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