Anyone having a problem with pytxis and editing a profile?

Hi, fresh dx install today.

Having an issue trying to edit profiles in Pytxis.

I opened an issue on there Gitlab, here is the problem:

I’ll open ptyxis, click the hamburger menu, select Preferences, in the pop-up modal click Profiles… I see three profiles, with a check-mark next to Untitled Profile, if I click any of the profiles, or I click the three dot menu and select Edit, then I see a wipe from right to left leaving the whole modal blank. So I can’t continue trying to edit profile, even the X to close the modal is gone.

And I got a response of:

My initial guess would be that you’re not using the app.devsuite.Ptyxis flatpak at Install Ptyxis on Linux | Flathub

Because this can happen if you are not using a VTE that is patched with the a11y features/etc that we provide in our build-aux/ directory.

I remember ublue/bluefin/etc not having that at one point, not sure if that is still the case though.

Wondering if anyone else here has had this issue.

Yeah this is our fault, tracking it here:

We’re still waiting for ptyxis to get into Fedora so we can switch over to a distro package instead of our custom build.

Not sure if this is related but I am trying to set the “use login shell” option and it does not seem to persist. I get no issues enabling but exit and relaunch and it is disabled.