Custom edid.bin

Hello everyone,
Can someone give me a hint how I can load a custom edid file ? I already tried to edit the edid.bin under .config/gamescope but it seems to be overwritten with every gamescope reload. How can I prevent this ?

Thanks a lot

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Am wondering the same thing - my monitor requires a custom EDID and overriding would be the last piece to use this as my daily driver (trying the -dx distros)

Here’s some pointers:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/firmware/edid
sudo cp modified-edid.bin /etc/firmware/edid/edid.bin
sudo echo 'install_items+=" /etc/firmware/edid/edid.bin "' | sudo tee /etc/dracut.conf.d/edid.conf
sudo rpm-ostree kargs --append-if-missing=drm.edid_firmware=DSI-1:edid/edid.bin
sudo rpm-ostree kargs --append-if-missing=firmware_class.path=/etc/firmware
sudo rpm-ostree initramfs --enable

Haven’t gotten it fully working yet, I think I’m close…

Have not been able to make this work unfortunately, any help would be greatly appreciated :smiling_face_with_tear: