Current issue with the latest Mesa

so apparently I have another issue that’s current. I’m on the previous Mesa and i have corrupted packages they were skipped and i cant seem to upgrade and fix this issue. the Mesa packages are dri drivers, filesystem, va freeworld, as well as vdpau freeworld drivers. the dri and filesystem to be updated are current the 24.0.7 versions. the current dependencies are broken. I hope to find a fix for this. any help would be appreciated I’m so excited for this new Mesa version that’s available but i can’t seem to upgrade the current packages. if there is any fixes or anything to be had would love to know.

Hey quick update apparently it’s from the flatpak library. It’s conflicting with the built in 24.0.5 the current bazzite version. Flatpak is using the latest mesa built in libraries and that’s what’s causing issues. Still need help to either remove or fix this. Let me know of any ideas on fixes and such.

hey i think i found the problem i believe the issue is installing the opentabletdriver through Bazzite portal. if anyone installs that particular software ts currently broken and causes issues. so just a warning to new users avoid that install of that particular software it currently breaks mesa update. I’ve done a lot of troubleshooting and i can almost say that its the problem . hope this info helps.