Bazzite Survey #3 Results

Total Survey Submissions: 188

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! Since it was optional, it does not accurately represent all Bazzite users. However, the free responses for Bazzite Portal recommendations, issues reported, and additional feedback were greatly appreciated. Please note that not all of the free responses are recorded below, but most of them are.

Some of the known issues have been fixed, are edge-cases, or beyond our control like issues caused by hardware and drivers. This survey will only be open for a little longer which is a shorter time window than the last one. We may introduce a “Your Bazzite Experience 3.5” or similar survey soon before Bazzite 4.0 is released.

Desktop Environment

This will be the only visual for this survey.

KDE Plasma: 144

Desktop / Laptop Hardware

Yes: 150
No: 38

Steam Gaming Mode (Handheld/HTPC Image)

Yes: 81
No: 107


Yes: 64
No: 124


Yes: 78
No: 110

Framework Hardware

Yes: 15
No: 173

Interest in Framework Hardware (If selected “No” above)

Yes: 103
No: 70

Handheld PC

I do not own a handheld: 82
Valve Steam Deck: 91
ASUS ROG Ally: 7
Lenovo Legion Go: 9
Ayn Handheld: 1
GPD Handheld: 3
Other Handheld: 5

Technical Issues

None: 62
Few: 109
Multiple: 17

Bazzite Experience

I’d recommend Bazzite to others: 127
Bazzite works for my needs: 33
Bazzite could improve in some areas: 27
Bazzite fails to meet my expectations: 1

What “Other Handheld PC” Do You Own?

  • Anbernic RG35XX
  • Anbernic RG353M
  • Rockchip Device
  • Miyoo Mini

Recommended Applications for the Bazzite Portal

Issues Experienced

  • Audio issues on Steam Deck
  • Scaling issues in Desktop Mode on Steam Deck (LCD)
  • Trackpad/controls not working switching to Desktop Mode on Steam Deck
  • Steam Deck Dock Firmware upgrade issue
  • Lenovo Legion Go reboots instead of switching to Desktop Mode
  • Sleep issues on Lenovo Legion Go
  • ASUS ROG Ally freezing
  • ASUS ROG Ally frame limiter not working
  • Suspend issues on Ayn Loki Max (not working or performance issues that require a reboot)
  • Mouse not connecting on boot (requires to be reconnected)
  • Solaar has to be layered so it doesn’t die (no Distrobox container)
  • Plasma-shell crashing
  • KDE’s adaptive sync not working
  • Asus TUF F15 laptop failing to detect unplugged and update battery percentage
  • Gigabyte Aero gaming laptop cannot sleep, has power-saving issues, Wi-Fi dropping, doesn’t use dGPU, etc.
  • Refresh rate issues (lower than actual monitor refresh rate)
  • Total desktop freeze
  • Steam failing to launch on GNOME image
  • Nvidia failing to setup properly during first-boot setup
  • Flickering issues Nvidia hardware
  • Horrible performance in KDE Plasma 6 on Nvidia hardware
  • HDR not working in Steam Gaming Mode
  • Bluetooth devices not connecting properly
  • Waking PC from sleep causes games to flash and not run properly, requires restart
  • Do not disable Maliit keyboard and equivalent DE on-screen keyboard software
  • Can’t change SDDM settings aside from theme
  • Steam Gaming Mode will not apply updates, only in Desktop Mode
  • Counter-Strike 2 has frame stuttering issues (Linux port issue?)
  • Hardware video acceleration doesn’t seem to work out of the box on older Intel Haswell devices
  • Ollama LLM not using the GPU (Framework 16 Laptop hardware)
  • Shadercache compilation is longer than on SteamOS
  • Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel and Oversteer were not communicating
  • External hardware like Rodecaster Duo, Stream Deck, etc. were not connecting to hardware
  • Audio stuttering on desktop
  • Audio issues on Steam Deck
  • Cannot format SD card in Steam Gaming Mode
  • DisplayPort sometimes doesn’t not initialize screen
  • Distrobox container not exporting with Ptyxis, but works with Konsole
  • Fish shell takes longer to launch ever since Brew was part of the image
  • Fedora branding on a new installation (didn’t specify if it was a rebase)
  • Poor internet connection causing updates to error out
  • OpenRGB required udev rules
  • Firefox is slow to open
  • SSD is listed twice in Steam Gaming Mode
  • System freezes due to btrfs features
  • Upscaling options when streamed through Sunshine in Steam Gaming Mode
  • AMD 6900xt GPU locked to 15w
  • System76 Scheduler not working well in all games
  • Docker is a pain to setup
  • Performance metrics in Steam Gaming Mode are not accurate on certain HTPC setups
  • SteamVR doesn’t work properly (no display in headset)
  • GRUB acting sluggish/slow
  • Numerous installer issues

Additional Feedback

  • Better documentation
  • Tuxedo Computers image for their drivers
  • Live installer
  • Better vkBasalt integration
  • Bazzite Portal needs to be more intuitive
  • VMWare kernel modules should be added
  • Developer Edition matching Bluefin
  • SAMBA/SMB ujust command
  • Highlight best ways to install applications in the OS, somehow
  • Add unl0kr once the issue is resolved
  • Better method to permanently mount secondary drives
  • Easier method to uninstall applications installed with ujust
  • zsh
  • ujust command for remote access software
  • Better support for gaming wheels (Logitech G92 and Fanatec DD)
  • Less major updates that require manual intervention
  • Look into workaround for LUKS encrypted SSDs to be more responsive
  • Easier way to dualboot other operating systems (including Windows) out of the box
  • Powerwash setting (reinstall without the ISO)
  • Youtube video tutorial series for the basics of Bazzite
  • Improve communication between community and what the Bazzite & Universal Blue maintainers/contributors are working on
  • Continue to push towards user friendliness in from web/iso download to installation and usage
  • COSMIC desktop environment as an option when released

Comment on this thread if you have any additional questions or comments on the survey and/or the feedback provided.


I recommended CHIRP, but I realize I was not specific, my apologies. I meant this project.


I posted this in it’s own thread. But adding Linux Howdy would be great. Adds support for Windows Hello camera login for Linux.

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That would a cool feature to have. I think that developing/supporting tools such as that would be a net positive in helping drive FOSS adoption.

In the same vein I think a tool like OpenRecall could also be very useful.

I know that Windows Recall is not exactly a popular thing, but I thought the concept was really interesting and could actually be interesting. Trusting Microsoft with any data is obviously a very bad idea, but an opensource version might be an option for many.