Xfinity Streaming Workaround

I have Aurora installed on an older Surface Pro 3 and it’s been beyond great, looks like nearly everything I do is supported. I could actually live with Linux. However, because of DRM or whatever, Xfinity streaming doesn’t work on Linux. Is there a workaround for this?

Xfinity Stream explicitly blocks Linux manually

AFAIK, there is no workaround

Apart from using another service

Could you try running a browser in something like bottles?

I would be surprised if it works

This may be an Xfinity only issue. There was a period of time when Disney+ first launched that Linux users could not access the website without spoofing their user-agent. Why Disney+ Doesn't Support Linux (Even Though It Could) - OMG! Ubuntu

This sort of thing is not uBlue specific. Most of these services, offenders like Netflix, gate off features exclusively to specific users. Netflix only allows you to get 4K if you use Microsoft Edge on Windows. Anything else, you are a hacker, obviously. /s