What is your preferred partitioning layout and/or filesystem format?

Silverblue automatic partitioning defaults on BTRFS, or the manual partitioning layout mentioned in the Bazzite installation guide? Do you take snapshots your home directory just in case, and where do you store it? Or do you use LVM, XFS, or EXT4 or NTFS instead? Any external partitions for data storage, or do you keep everything within home?

Curious to how others layout their system!

My manual partitioning is:

  • /boot/EFI 300 MB
  • /boot 2048 MB
  • /home 100 GB
  • /var 200 GB

I know that Silverblue recommendation for /boot is 1024 MB but I had some trouble pinning and upgrading my OS, which is fixed by removing pinned OS versions until only one remains. To avoid this situation I resized /boot to 2048 MB via a live-Gparted

/var is much bigger than /home because that is where all LXC, Docker, Distrobox, flatpaks go for storage