New install w/ 2nd drive as 'home' - subvolume

I’ve dug around these forums, but thus far have been unable to find an answer.
1TB drive to use for Bazzite install
4TB drive I want to use as my ‘home’ folder.

I can’t figure out how to use the above configuration when selecting the automatic installation nor do I know how to setup subvolumes when I choose a custom install.

Does Bazzite automatically setup the subvolumes even though I chose ‘custom’ install or do I have set those up myself? I considered just mounting my 4TB drive inside my home folder, but I like the idea of /home being separate from the OS.

I’m on my 3rd go-round of installing Bazzite this week and I’d very much like to get it right this time. So far I really like what the team has done with Bazzite, I’m just a newb and can’t figure out how to setup the system the way I want.

OR - am I in the wrong thinking category and there is a better way to do this?

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In one of the setup and installation guides, look for the manual partitioning section of the dual boot instructions. Rather than putting /var/home on the main drive, you could make another btrfs volume on your second drive to put the /var/home subvolume on. If you want another subvolume for a 2nd Steam library on the main drive to also utilize that space, you could add one there too. Not sure what an appropriate mount point would be - possibly something under /var/mnt/ maybe?