Switch back to X11

Previously there was a helpful ujust command to toggle wayland (_toggle_wayland) which can be used to switch to X11 from the new default, Wayland. Said command seems to no longer exist.

Saw a separate discussion on here of someone wanting to go back to X11, and the solution provided was on how to install X11 which I assume no longer comes preinstalled even for old installation which had X11?

Regardless, I followed the solution to install it by:

rpm-ostree install plasma-workspace-x11

Now, on my plasma-deck image running on an AMD-based HTPC, it does boot right into Game mode which as what I expect, but how do I make it so that when I get into Desktop mode, it runs on X11 instead of Wayland?

I need this as I have some apps I rely on that only works on X11.