Steam issues after Bazzite-Arch container update


My host system is an up-to-date aurora-dx where I run steam through a bazzite-arch container in distrobox. I recently performed a ujust-choose → update which updates everything (including the distrobox containers) and rebooted.

Everything seems to be running fine except that none of my games will launch from within steam now. Running in a console to see what it spits out, it looks like it can no longer pass my games library to the proton containers due to some path name reservations?

To be clear: the path that steam is looking for exist and are accessible to bazzite-arch container, instead steam pressure vessel seems to be balking at accepting/handing off the /run/host paths that weren’t a problem before updating. This manifests as steam launching the game and it closing immediately after.

Am I alone in this? Has anyone else seen it and have advice for resolving it? If this had been on my host system then I would have just rolled back up the update–not sure how (or even if it’s possible) to do the same for the bazzite-arch container where the issue is localized…or even if it it’s a bazzite issue versus a steam update…Any advice on how to proceed would be welcome.

Although steam wouldn’t pick up the location by default (the GUI library selection interface would seemingly dereference the symlink and still select the /run/hosts path no matter what I did) I was able to enter and edit the following files to force it to read the library from a symlink in /var/mnt instead within the bazzite-arch container, which seems to have avoided the conflict:





"path"		"/run/host/var/mnt/games/SteamLibrary"


"path"		"/var/mnt/games/SteamLibrary"

Where it was symlinked such that /var/mnt/games → /run/host/var/mnt/games. This seemingly bypassed the issue.