Reworking the initial user setup wizard

Over the last two months, I’ve been redesigning/refactoring Yafti (yet another first-time installer), a project that can potentially change how the Linux community greets its users.

The initial beta release will only be available on Bluefin. However, as we iterate on the project, we will push it to the other distributions. We envision Yafti as more than a first-time installer, allowing users to use it once or maintain state between devices. Ultimately, the goal is to enable maintainers to have a platform that provides a curated nerd -level desktop experience.

The project is still in the very early stages of development. The goal is to get community feedback and contributions to help provide a better, more enjoyable greeting from the Linux desktop community.


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Pull Request


Added a short video (scroll to the last comment).

I’ll updated the thread with another in coming days.



An excellent idea. I could envision a “migration switch” for newcomers: “Are you coming from the world of Windows? Or MacOS?” If the user indicates one of those possibilities, then the installer could branch to an area to explain some high level differences, before rejoining the main installation process after the detour: [“Most MacOS users rely on Apple Mail, or perhaps receive their mail in their browser. If you like browser-based mail, that will work just fine. You don’t have to change anything. If you need to replace Apple Mail, here is a helpful list of popular email applications:….” The user could check one or more for installation.] Mac users could also use some help with accessing iCloud content in general.

I applaud the initiative. In my opinion, the universal blue approach could play a role in expanding Linux usage among the non-techies of the world.

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