Pre-release ISO testing needed!

Hey ya’ll, I’ve tagged 1.4.0 this morning. This is basically a rollup release, with the major new feature being refreshed offline ISOs. This installer is dramatically more reliable and should work for most people. If you use Ventoy I’d love to know how these work.

These are one offs, automation for generating these is inprogress, along with Bazzite ISOs, which are also still in progress. Once we get some feedback on these and the pipeline is automated we’ll go ahead and do an announcement, etc.

Huge thanks to Noel Miller and Jason N. for solving the ISO problem which is a tremendous improvement over what we had.


I can confirm that Ventoy works fine.

Installed without issues. New iso is really fast, installed in less than 2 minutes


Bluefin-latest will not boot in Gnome Boxes. It updates kargs, reboots as normal but to a grey screen and just freezes there.

After several reboot attempts it finally booted into the gnome first use setup and ran normal from there as expected.

Ran installer from ventoy on a dell Latitude 9410 laptop. I was able to install and set it up with no issues!

I also ran the installer with libvirt from virt-manager and had no issues.


Ok new set, if someone can test out secure boot it’d be helpful:

  • bluefin-gts.iso - Recommended for new users (3.7GB, based on Fedora 38)
  • bluefin-latest.iso - Recommended for experienced users who are comfortable troubleshooting and contributing feedback to the project. (3.6GB, based on Fedora 39)

And I got some DX images going:

  • bluefin-dx-gts - Recommended for developers (4.7GB, based on Fedora 38)
  • bluefin-dx-latest - Recommended for developers who are comfortable troubleshooting and contributing feedback to the project. (4.6GB, based on Fedora 39)
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Quick note: I haven’t forgotten about nvidia, just wanted to get the basics out. ujust toggle-nvk will switch you to an nvidia image post boot.

I’ll likely push nvidia images in the next few hours and update the docs.

Hi !

I’ve just tested the Bluefin-latest iso on my Thinkpad P14s AMD Gen1.
Scure boot was disabled prior to the installation to be able to launch the iso from ventoy.

I noticed, as a frenchman, that only English was available during and after installation.

I was able to solve that problem after installation by doing this
1 - in the terminal :
flatpak config --set languages ‘fr;en’
flatpak --user config --set languages ‘fr;en’
flatpak update

2 - Setting the french language in Gnome settings.

3 - Rebooting

However, GDM is still in English after that.

I got the “Enroll Mok key” during the first boot.
Secure boot was still disabled.
I did not have the password to enroll the key, it was a bit confusing and I ignored the process to continue booting. I tried to give no password, but I got a “password does not match” prompt.

Thank you all for your hard work,


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I am non English also, but that is not issue for me ( only Eng during install)
I was more confused with those MOK thing, first time saw it. But I just pressed continue and that is it :slight_smile: no issues