Nvidia 555 drivers incoming, important information!

Congratulations Nvidia users, say goodbye to a ton of old bugs and say hello to some new ones!

Nvidia 555 drivers are landing and will be available in the next image build. This post applies to Bluefin/Aurora, Bazzite users stand by for further info.


Firefox is crashing in the Wayland session:

(Note: there’s no need to leave a “me too!” or “I need this” comment in bug trackers, they’re aware, stay classy folks!)

That means that you have three options:

  • Stay on the X11 session until Mozilla fixes this and publishes a new version of Firefox via flathub
  • Use another browser in the meantime.
  • Pin your existing image and wait for it all to resolve itself

From looking around it seems most of you have been sitting on the X11 session waiting for these drivers anyway, so we went from a broken desktop to a working desktop but a crashing browser. Hah, computers.


You can also temporarily work around this issue by using Flatseal to run it in XWayland mode by setting these two options:

Remember to leave a note for yourself to undo this later when there’s a fix in place!


I am super excited in trying the new drivers!!! I will be home in a couple of hours to do some checkings! Should I activate “explicit sync” on my new drivers or they will go as they are out of the new release? :smiley:

edit: I have Bazzite OS… maybe I’ve answered to the wrong post :crazy_face:

It looks like we are fine on Bazzite unless I am missing something. I just updated and Firefox is working. Maybe explicit sync is not enabled by default for Plasma 6.1?

Edti: see below, I was too blind to see that I was still on 550… :nerd_face:

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sorry man, but it seems that Your screenshot doesn’t show Nvidia 555 drivers… You still have 550. I suppose that we Bazzite users will have to wait a little further.

Haha, good lord. I shouldn’t post first thing in the morning. Thanks for correcting my post.

No worries! Thank you!

Your phone number is at the bottom of your last reply. I assume this was an accident?

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I used my phone email to answer… dunno why it posted with my full email sign…

I’ve just got the 555 driver with today’s image, but it removed wayland session as an option in GDM… there’s always something!

GTX 1080, bluefin-dx-nvidia

Any feedback over Firefox?

Please update, reboot, and let us know if you see the dropdown again, thanks!

Yeah, the new update restored the Wayland session options again.

Am I right in assuming the fix was overriding the GDM udev rules to not disable Wayland?

For Bazzite users:

The 555 drivers are in Bazzite’s :testing branch currently for anyone who wants to try them right now. The Firefox issue applies and we recommend toggling off the Wayland permission in Flatseal for Firefox temporarily until this is fixed or use another browser in the meantime. There will be a major Bazzite update coming soon in :stable too, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and yes the 555 drivers will be part of that update.

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Added a screenshot to the initial post for a workaround for Firefox from discord, thanks to yukidream!

No, the drivers were not being loaded early enough for gdm.

Will kde 6.1.1 be coming to testing or stable at all? Or am i dumb and its already present xD

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Built from F40. The only thing being slowed down is the kernel.

It appears that 6.1.1 is in testing currently for Bazzite at least.

In case anyone is facing slow performance after updating, you need to disable the GSP firmware. You can check and see if your system is using the GSP firmware by doing nvidia-smi -q | grep -i gsp. If the output shows N/A you aren’t using the GSP firmware. If it does show a version you need to disable it by setting nvidia.NVreg_EnableGpuFirmware=0 in your kernel options. You can do that by running rpm-ostree kargs --editor.


I’m on Intel + Nvidia hybrid laptop.

Ever since this update, I cannot launch a bunch of apps I run on Wayland. (They work under XWayland or just switching to integrated GPU works.)

Some of those apps are: Joplin, Brave, VS Code.

I don’t want an advice, this is just an info for others in case they encounter the same problems.

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