New install with legacy ext4 home drive

I am new to bazzite but not to linux. I have a separate drive with my /home on (steam library and all my data), using ext4.
Bazzite install didn’t pick up on this home drive even though I included it in selection but preserved during the installation.
Typically, when doing a new install (I am in a bit of a distro hopping phase) I would just modify fstab to mount this drive at /home but this then results in not being able to log into bazzite.
I know I can move the steam storage location but that does not resolve my browser tabs, cache cookies etc.
I use freecad as well and unfortunately freecad is lagging with wayland support, so I need to be able to switch seamlessly between distros with a common /home.
Either bazzite is not for me or there a way to accommodate my ext4 /home drive?

Not sure if it matters, but I know that the installation guide indicates to use /var/home as the mount point for manual partitioning.