Moving to GNOME's Prompt for a default terminal

Alright folks, here it is!

and here’s a companion video I made:

Find the repo here: Christian Hergert / prompt · GitLab

Let’s use this thread for feedback/ideas, and then we can be good OSS citizens by kicking the tyres to get the terminal of our dreams! Here’s our in progress pull request for Bluefin.

If you’ve not used GNOME nightly remotes before, here’s a good article from OMGLinux so that you can move back to the stable release in the future.


Bazzite is now shipping this as the default terminal in the GNOME testing branch if anyone would like to try this out and help us find any bugs.

We’ll move this to stable same time as the OLED Deck changes land.


Alright I just merged the PR for Bluefin despite wanting to wait, let’s go for it! Builds will be ready when this finishes merging.

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Nice work on the context menu in Nautilus!!!

My bazzite-deck-gnome:testing image shows a problem when using Prompt, which is installed as a host binary instead of a Flatpak. On a fresh boot, when I start Prompt, it can’t find any containers. I’ve checked that prompt-agent does get correctly started with the correct arguments, but for some reason, it doesn’t correctly see and enumerate my existing distrobox containers. However, if I manually run a podman ps before starting Prompt, then containers are correctly shown and listed.

It doesn’t have to be podman ps – if I just wait for the ublue-update script to run ~20 minutes after boot, then it touches the distrobox containers, which also allows Prompt to see them correctly. Presumably if you run any distrobox services at boot or login, then it should also “fix” the problem.

Can anyone else please verify whether this is true for them as well?

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Aside from this problem, Prompt is a big quality-of-life upgrade over stock GNOME Terminal, and it’s relatively easy to workaround this issue.

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Yeah this looks like this issue: Error if distrobox container has not been entered once (#31) · Issues · Christian Hergert / prompt · GitLab

We might need to interact with them on boot or something as a workaround in the meantime, anyone have thoughts on that?

Someone more systemd-savvy than I could try creating a systemd unit that just runs podman ps on boot to list available containers without the overhead of entering one. That might be enough.

I’ve also commented on that issue that you’ve linked on GitLab.

The right fix is for us to move the default toolboxes to just be managed by podman, adding this here:

There’s still a larger issue with Prompt just not always working correctly with distrobox containers. Any user-created distrobox containers would be a potential source of headaches when using Prompt, especially if one is picked as the default container in the profile. I feel like there is a bug there in Prompt that still needs to be fixed.

Ok I’ve set up a wiki page with some instructions/tips for using Prompt. Additions/fixes welcome, also if you have your own setup you wanna share we can document whatever we want.