Using Bazzite on Bluefin

One of the first things it says on the Bluefin website is “For gamers it offers a premade Bazzite container.” Where can I find documentation on this? I don’t know how to initiate, access, or use the container. For reference, I am new to both Silverblue and Bluefin.

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just distrobox-bazzite should get you started: GitHub - ublue-os/bazzite-arch: A ready-to-game Arch Linux based OCI designed for use exclusively in distrobox. has more info!

EDIT: though if you’re new to containers, etc the Steam flatpak might be your best bet.

Thanks Jorge! I’m new to containers and distrobox but I’m interested in learning. Super appreciate your project and thanks for taking the time to respond. Bluefin has been great and I love the philosophy behind it! Your passion and enthusiasm, including in your videos, is contagious.

I’ll check out the link and dive in.


EDIT: The Steam flatpak has been working well btw. I’m just curious to learn more and play with distrobox/containers/bazzite/etc.

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