KDE Dolphin Webdav / Google Drive will not connect

I have installed the new Bazzite on three different PC’s/Laptops. On each I added my Google Drive to Dolphin. On all three it adds the account. I go to Network in Dolphin and open Google Drive. I see my folders and try to click into a folder and I get a red pop up that the folder / files do not exist.

I also have a Owncloud and Nextcloud servers on my network. I can add those accounts to KDE. Same behavior when I try to click into Nextcloud or Owncloud I get the same webdavs://localserver does not exist.

Not sure what is causing the issue, but since I can replicate across multiple fresh installs of 3.0 on multiple PC’s leads me to point to something in the build.

I have been able to successfully access SMB storage on the network on Dolphin on the same PC’s for what’s it worth.

How can I provide info to help figure this out?

Looks like a known KDE bug: Reddit - Dive into anything