Is it possible to hide grub?

I just rebased to bluefin:39-dx – it shows the grub menu for a few seconds and then drops into LUKS for prompting my password. I want this to be faster so want to get rid of grub’s countdown.

Is it possible to make this the default in upstream bluefin? If one wants to see the grub menu, they could simply press a key like stock Fedora does?

Or is it possible to customize this?

I don’t think upstream will reduce the grub countdown. Its already at 5 secs and any lower and a lot of people will start complaining they aren’t able to choose any other boot option. You can personally modify the menu timeout (or even if a menu is shown at all IIRC) by editing the grub.cfg file and running grub-mkconfig and grub-install I believe. Am not certain about the exact wording or order of these commands, so just search online regarding regenerating grub config and reinstalling grub.