Grub menu disappeared

This happened to me once before, but on a recent reinstall of bluefin:gts the grub menu where you can choose which image you want to load no longer shows up and it jumps right to luks. Last time I think I found a command I entered in the terminal which made it show up again, but this time my google-fu is failing.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to bring it back?

I recently installed Aurora and I have no grub menu. Maybe it is set up to be invisible until you press a key (grub has those options).

Just to give a more complete picture: I still have Grub on Bluefin.

you can configure this with ujust configure-grub. You can choose between always show, always hide, and intelligent hide (the default).

The default behaviour is for grub to only show up when there is a failed boot (determined by an incomplete shutdown). You can also force grub to show by hitting escape in the moments between the bios loads and before the initramfs is loaded.