I had some bugs with bazzite kde plasma 6 based on 40, lutris EA app bug & arch Linux on EndeavourOS, and menu bugs in garuda-dr460nized-gaming like sound control not loading correctly in plasma 6? M28U 4k monitor in wayland 30 Hz, think X11 is 60 Hz

bazzite-kde-nvidia-stable based on fedora 40, I had a problem after updating it, then using rpm-ostree install wine winetricks which was a 2023 not 2024 build I forgot the full version info, but lutris app, had a problem with EA APP it logged into the app, but would not connect EA app to lutris,

also had a problem not sure what I did but after updating that one, on my older gigabyte desktop, when I rebooted it, it would load the x server but the login screen would not work, it got stuck right before the log in screen, but sure what I did to mess it up,

so I had switched for now back to an arch based OS called EndeavourOS_Gemini-2024.04.20, but that one which I also setup on kde plasma 6, for whatever reason my 4k monitor is getting connected to 30 Hz instead of 60 Hz or 144 Hz which the monitor supports its information in the attachment screen shot. the 3D card is in my newer pc in this screenshot is from windows 11, both computers share the monitor connection, which might be a mistake since dim monitor settings seem to affect both pc, if the Linux distro dims the monitor it also dims it on the other pc .

they seem to share energy mode settings like stuff like dim can affect the windows 11 desktop on my newer pc, one is connected with display port , the older pc I got on HDMI 1 and 2 settings under KVM switch settings on the gigabyte and my AORUS desktop with windows 11, both are gigabyte brand older one as DDR3 memory and my new pc with DDR 5 memory, which I got windows 11 running on for my games, the problem with that 30 Hz is it’s not normally supported under windows 11, it’s not a mode that I am not sure if my monitor should support or not, I think when Linux went into sleep mode,

for some reason to get the display back on I had to unplug the power to the monitor and re-plug it back in, on Linux it didn’t want to display the output to the monitor, not sure if my M28U monitor is Linux safe anymore,

I think before plasma 6 and Wayland , the X11 worked fine, but anyway, it’s only been recently that I noticed a problem while playing with Linux on my older desktop, windows 11 and my newer pc doesn’t have the same problem I was facing with Linux, the 4k mode seems to work and HDR seems to work in plasma 6, but I never got around to trying any games under it. I used ubuntu and some other like opensuse micro os and fedora 40 beta I had downloaded those iso images before, some seem to have the correct 60 Hz or up to 144 Hz but other linux distro’s don’t seem to detect the monitor correctly, it might be better for me just to keep windows 10 or 11 on the older desktop, since getting stuff like EA app working correctly in lutris seems to be a problem for me, at least when I tried bizzite 40 based on kde plasma 6, when I had did the install for ea app it seems to fail and also a message about it not having the correct winetricks version installed in the text box for ea app under lutris app that came preinstalled on bizzite os, don’t get me wrong I like the nvidia drivers working out of the box, and like steam and lutris being installed I was able to log into gog , epic games launcher, and ubisoft connect just fine, it was only EA app that was giving me problems, when I tried it, I have yet to setup under arch linux, but I need to fix the monitor settings not getting setup right under arch linux, again I tried EndeavourOS.

on my newer desktop the reason I keep windows on it still I own games that are only playable under xbox app like fallout 76, I don’t own the steam version, same goes for life is strange true colors, also only playable in the xbox app, and as far as I know you can not yet get lutris to play games from xbox app? otherwise must of the other games could or can be play from linux, I just don’t like it when linux breaks on me like it did the other day, which is why I went and reinstall another linux distro on my older desktop at this time, I also tried PikaOS-nvidia-KDE-3-amd64-24.04.05 and Red core linux which is based on gentoo, I also used garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-240428 before which has some bugs with the sound control and its current kde plasma has some bugs in it that one is based on arch linux, slackware64-live-ktown-current and arcolinuxb-plasma-v24.04.03-x86_64 ones that I downloaded before and tried out, on my laptop its not as important for the monitor to do 4k since its a 1080 monitor my laptop has, but on my desktop its a bit more important that it gets the settings correct like the Hz value, I am thinking for now it might be more safer for me to keep windows 10 on my older desktop, windows 11 does work but its a bit more slower on my intel i7 pc, my new pc has an intel i9 procesor, but again I don’t plan on using linux on it any time soon, since its my primary one for playing games, the fans are just a bit more noise on my newer pc than the older pc. but both run linux if I want to but anyway problem with the monitor Hz settings I don’t know how to fix it when its not detected correctly under some linux distro if they don’t detect the monitor correctly, windows 11 has it set to 60 hz and it can go up to 144Hz for windows games but linux is not reading it right at this time? how do I fix that? I think the HDMI cable is either 4k or 8k quality so I think the problem is in the arch linux itself or some setting under it, and yes I have the nvidia-inst drivers installed from Endeavour OS _Gemini-2024.04.20, I think I when the pc was on was in wayland under plasma 6, not X11 maybe X11 gets 60Hz and wayland is setup to 30 Hz that’s my guess since I remember nvidia control panel on linux showing more settings for the 3D card from X11 than wayland?

edited out 3D card, since both computers have nvidia 3D cards screenshot is from pc on windows 11 not my linux distro on older pc, both screenshot shows the Hz modes it supports, as you can see in windows 11 you cannot select that 30 Hz mode that linux is using on arch, so I am not sure that really safe for my pc to be using a mode lower than what the displayport connection is showing, the older pc I setup with HDMI but I am pretty sure windows 10/11 supported 60 Hz and higher under windows 10 or 11 when I had windows installed on it, instead of linux. other problem was moving the mouse and keyboard after linux went to sleep , the monitor didn’t want to display in linux unless I un plugged it from power and plugged the power back in, I had not had to do that with windows, only during my linux sesson on my older desktop, again its not all linux distro’s that have that problem, I just noticed that problem with arch linux at this time. I don’t recall the fedora based linux bizzite having that problem but I somehow managed to break the installed os, after using rpm-ostree install and did some updates to it, but sure but something I did broke the sever’s for X and the login, since last time I tried it didn’t fully load the log in screen on that Fedora 40 based one, so I did something that broke that session which is why I just got my USB drive and switch the linux from it to arch. and yes, it was fedora 40 based one that lutris and EA app was not working correctly, it saying something about winetricks being out of date on it, it was able to log into EA app and I could download games from it, but lutris was unable to load the games into it, or show EA app logged in and installed correctly, gog, epic games, ubisoft connect, all the other ones I tried during the fedora 40 session in kde plasma 6 in bizzite seemed to work correcty, but again I did something that broke its atomic setup on my older gigabyte desktop, I guess I could of just loaded one that worked from grub, the older sessions , but I felt like switching to arch to see if lutris would work correctly under it, also steam works in both linux distro’s so that not a problem for me.