Is it possible to uninstall the builtin Steam & Lutris apps?

Hi!! I’ve been using Bazzite on a nvidia workstation as a dev machine and it’s been a stellar experience so far, thanks a lot for that!

Having said that, I noticed that Steam (and other apps like lutris) are installed with the system and not as flatpaks, is there any way to remove them? I would prefer to have these installed as flatpaks since I like the granular control I can have with regards to sandboxing & filesystem control.

Bazzite’s primary function is to be a gaming setup so these are included on the image. Bluefin or Aurora might be a better fit for you depending on which desktop environment you prefer to use.

You can’t because it’s currently a limitation of OCI. As j0rge stated, Bluefin (GNOME) or Aurora (KDE Plasma) is the sister project of Bazzite and share many similarities. Steam and Lutris are not part of the image on those specific images.

Ic, I appreciate the quick responses!

Out of curiosity, do you know which of these additional features are also present in Bluefin as well?