Having issues with Steam in-game overlay and random screen blackouts in bazzite

So yesterday I installed Bazzite for the first time on my computer. I continued with the pre-installed steam package.

I’m using an Intel cpu and an AMD RX6600 on wayland Plasma 6. Games are working fine but I’m not able to use the in-game steam overlay. Some games like Apex legends rely on it to complete a sign in process. Apex is saying that I don’t have in-game overlays enabled, when I clearly have it enabled (for the game and within the gernal steam settings) . I tried changing the keys from the default ‘Shift+Tab’ but still no luck.

Does anyone have a solution for this ? Or should I install flatpak steam on Bazzite ?

Edit : It seems that I’m also not able to add steam libraries from other drives, not working with ntfs partitions and btrfs partitions. This was fixed randomly after a couple of reboots

Edit 2: Now when I open steam, the display blacks out and makes it unusable. Occasionally I’m able to see the desktop but it blacks out gain if I open a window or move my mouse in some cases.

I’m aware that using X11 can solve some issues (screen black out issue is there in X11 as well), however I want to use wayland. Any solution to the above mentioned issues are much appreciated.

From my own experience using Bluefin for gaming i didn’t get any of the bugs i had with Bazzite which was very unstable.

Hey Thanks for commenting. Could it be that the Desktop environment that is causing this issue ?

I don’t know if it’s good to rebase from bazzite to bluefin or aurora-dx. I heard somewhere that rebasing between different Desktop environments can cause issues.

If you don’t mind me asking, could you elaborate on the issues you were facing with Bazzite ?

I would save my things and make a fresh Bluefin install (that is what i did), it is so fast to install and setup, it would be faster than trying to rebase it.
The problem was not the desktop environment because Bluefin also uses Gnome and it works very well.
I think that Bazzite has too much tweaking and is too much up to date so it makes it unstable.
From the start i had some icons and screen bugs so i disabled every extension but it felt unstable anyway like some slowing down of the OS, i didn’t really look for the cause and i switched right away after seeing the same problems on my friend’s laptop which is a totally different laptop from another brand.

Steam overlay only works for me when I force the game to run through proton.