Fedora 40 Watch Thread


The purpose of this thread is to show you how to monitor the build progress of our images as we wait for Fedora 40’s release. Since Universal Blue releases every day due to continuous delivery this is mostly just changing some tags around. We’re as excited as you are!

Merges are queued up and ready to go, the current plan is to post the announcements the day after Fedora so that you have time to ingest the upstream goodness. Why party for one night when you can party for two?

Aurora, Bluefin, and Bazzite will each have their own announcements in their own threads when they feel their images are ready on Fedora 40.


Even if you see successful builds, please wait for the announcement before telling a friend as the ISOs build afterwards and those can take upwards of 30-45 minutes.

If you go early, then thank you for volunteering to test, may the odds be forever in your favor!



Aurora will still be in beta. The latest image will be using Fedora 40. The Fedora 39 images will still be built for the remainder of it’s lifecycle, but will not be the focus of Aurora moving forward.

  • Watch the container builds here.
  • Watch the ISO builds here here.


Bazzite has the intention of moving to Fedora 40 as soon as it can. There needs to be additional testing done with the newly updated fsync kernel. The Bazzite team will provide updates when the new release is ready.

Fedora 40 builds for Bazzite will be announced as part of the 3.0.0 update.


Bluefin is going GA for this release:

  • Watch the container builds here.
  • Watch the ISO builds here here.

Base (Main) Images

The Universal Blue team has already been creating base images for Fedora 40 for a while before release of the other downstream projects. You can feel free to use these images as you see fit. The only change will be latest will be aliased to 40 builds.

We will announce the general availability (GA) during this time, meaning that we’re going out of beta!


Also if you star the repo you care about you’ll get instant notifications in github and an email. It’s also literally the fastest way to find out when it’s ready, right in your inbox, faster than we can type in chat:

(And it helps the project!)

While you’re waiting we recommend learning about the skopeo command, which lets you get all sorts of information about a remote container:

skopeo inspect docker://ghcr.io/ublue-os/bazzite:latest | grep ostree.linux

This will tell you what the latest version of bazzite is. Which might be useful if you’re curious enough to read this thread.


Hello from Bluefin-DX 40!

❯ rpm-ostree status
State: idle
AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: no runs since boot
● ostree-image-signed:docker://ghcr.io/ublue-os/bluefin-dx:latest
                   Digest: sha256:c0311f71b065e8e03078840c1ceff8e74b6d465640eab6949533f5d282feb329
                  Version: 40.20240423.0 (2024-04-23T15:00:34Z)
          LayeredPackages: adcli oddjob-mkhomedir sssd-ad touchegg

                   Digest: sha256:1a3e9e3bd708932636632fad8eee7d2cd0c370ec404de3b59060c7affd1e7fd4
                  Version: 39.20240422.0 (2024-04-23T02:15:18Z)
          LayeredPackages: oddjob-mkhomedir touchegg
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Bluefin-dx also :

❯ rpm-ostree status
State: idle
AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: last run 50min ago
                   Digest: sha256:c0311f71b065e8e03078840c1ceff8e74b6d465640eab6949533f5d282feb329
                  Version: 40.20240423.0 (2024-04-23T15:00:34Z)
                     Diff: 8 upgraded, 1 added

● ostree-image-signed:docker://ghcr.io/ublue-os/bluefin-dx:40
                   Digest: sha256:53a41ff07e85302b6fd676eb5a4a50bc81c87a013eed405957095850f4fa76d7
                  Version: 40.20240422.0 (2024-04-22T17:58:26Z)

                   Digest: sha256:6f78e1101656f13075ada49daa329279093e39aac72441b8e4b51da9877c3cc5
                  Version: 40.20240422.0 (2024-04-22T16:51:45Z)

I don’t get the version.

All I get is:

org.opencontainers.image.version": "main",

It’s out now, just an update should do the trick (but the tag changed): skopeo inspect docker://ghcr.io/ublue-os/bazzite:latest | grep ostree.linux will return the kernel and FC version:

"ostree.linux": "6.8.7-301.fsync.fc40.x86_64"