Universal Blue is now Generally Available

Universal Blue is going GA

We are out of beta!

After a weekend lasting 1,016 days, Universal Blue is finally out of beta. This week we put the final touches on our Fedora 40 images – we now consider the next generation of Linux clients to be feature complete, and ready to provide end users the reliability and composability that is required to compete with proprietary operating systems.

There’s always more work to do, but we think this is a significant improvement over traditional systems to make the generational leap explicit and replace traditional Linux clients for a significant number of use cases. We think it’s ready for General Availability (GA).

For those of you out there who want to make your own dream a reality, our base images are also ready to go. FROM and go! Check out the announcements for:

Each of these meets a different purpose and live under the Universal Blue umbrella.

For gamers, access to the latest in gaming tech for your desktop, laptop, or handheld with Bazzite. For our less technical friends, an “on the rails” desktop experience, KDE or GNOME, with Aurora and Bluefin.

And for developers we have a special message for you: Open source dominates the computing industry today for a reason, and that’s because of maintainers and contributors. That is why our images focus on container-centric workflows. The next generation Linux desktop must become sustainable, and that starts with giving contributors the industry’s best tools. We hope our images help you get your job done with less toil, because ain’t no one got time for that.

At long last, we’ve ascended.

What people are saying

Though we continue to sail under the radar with the average linux home enthusiast, we’ve been busy making the case for a common language across server and client. Our pitch has always been “make the desktop better by copying what works in cloud and mobile”. That language is cloud-native - your laptop and a Kubernetes node have more in common than you think:

The future

Many of the features we depend on are still not in Fedora. While Universal Blue is feature complete, we are hoping that 2024 is the year that OCI native containers land in Fedora so that more people can enjoy the reliability, performance, and customization options that the cloud native model provides, in the meantime, enjoy! Voyager has come home and it’s time for the rest of the rest of the Federation to ingest our logs. We’re taking a nap.

We’ll continue to work with our upstreams and other projects to keep driving the tech forward. Enjoy!