Can't Download Bazzite Gnome ISO from Website

Every time i click on the download button it says cant download file. (Apparently it is now not there on the website or it has been moved - according to a web browser forum) I tested this out on multiple browsers and i cant still download the ISO. But for kde it works. So i presume its some sort of issue with the bazzite server. Im sorry if im wrong but could somebody pls help.

Working fine here, can you try wgetting: and see if it works?

hmmm still doesn’t work for me. If its working for you then maybe it might be a network problem from my side. Its okay, ill try and see whether anything has changed tomorrow and ill research further to fix it. (It’s late in the night now on my side) Sorry for the trouble caused

I get this error msg. Its constantly retrying

Just an update. Now the download works fine. (It might’ve been a problem with my ISP during midnight).

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