Bazzite-deck-gnome is broken

Basically title, the bazzite-deck-gnome image is broken somehow, spent several hours fighting with this issue, every time i download it it fails, tried several usb drives and img writers and even 2 different nvme drives, once i decided to test the kde image it installed flawlessly, for a start the size seems very wrong:

The file size is okay, it is just smaller somehow. I’ve download the iso myself today and it did work. Are you sure it says failed? If not rufus should be able to “burn” it on your usb-stick.

I have uploaded the iso to my proton drive. It’s running on my desktop pc, so it should definitely work. Only thing is that the desktop mode doesn’t work as off now, but they are aware and I hope the team fixes it soon. To fix it you can rebase to the last 39 release for now, until there is a fix.

Sorry i had some work complications and today had some more free time, and for some weird reason it gave me an error when connecting my pendrive thru a chain of 2 hubs, but only with the bazzite-deck-gnome, the bazzite-deck image worked fine chaining the hubs, no idea why, random errors are the worst, anyway, just for any future passerby information sometimes install fails if you chain usb hubs