Bluefin 2.7.0

We cut a new release today and spun new ISOs. Here’s all the changes. If you’re on a Framework laptop this includes all the hardware enablement out of the box.

It’s kind of impossible to keep things a secret in OSS so no announcement on the Framework support yet, in the meantime enjoy it and please keep filing issues as you find them, thanks!

2.7.0 (2024-05-16)


Bug Fixes

  • add missing backup flatpaks dejadup and pika (#1266) (a8fa825)
  • bluefin: set mutter debug kms to user by default (#1263) (18b7e67)
  • (#1307) (a4c90c7)
  • dev: have ISOs build with flatpaks. clean ISOs (#1288) (802ab1b)
  • dx: do not start ollama automatically (#1281) (faa9b14)
  • update search-light default appearance (#1256) (47bbaab)
  • Use slightly newer mediatek firmware due to confirmed issues wit… (#1279) (36b271b)


  • “feat: Add back xwayland video bridge to all images” (#1270) (d91d5a2)

Hey Jorge, thanks for the update :grinning:

On this build, I faced the following:

Plus, on startup/login screen, password field froze a bit - restart resolved the issue.

Should I be worried and do clean reinstall for the two minor issues above?

The first one looks like a network hiccup, I wouldn’t worry about it. Not sure about the login freezing like that, is it intermittent or permanent?

I wouldn’t recommend a reinstall, it’s probably easier to find out what’s happening.

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On the first attempt, I entered password wrongly and on the following attempt, the laptop keyboard or password input field froze.
Restarting laptop resolved the issue. Everything is fine now so far :grinning:
Very happy with this update, featuring GNOME 45.6 and ublue icon too in the top left corner!