Blufin 2.9.0

Another weekend roll up release. New ISOs will fire off tonight at some point.

We’ve switched to Clapper as our video player on new installs, if you want to switch to it manually click that link and then click the install button, or you can find it in the software center.

2.9.0 (2024-06-09)


Bug Fixes


Is there a place to download an older build? I have a feeling there was a kernel regression in the latest kernel (my keyboard and trackpad don’t work) and I’m curious to test/run a release back.

You should be able to choose the previous version in GRUB, and if it works you can pin it with sudo ostree admin pin 0. For me, it’s F8 at boot to view GRUB.

Unfortunately this is for a fresh install - have been bouncing between distros, a few weeks back Bluefin worked fine but whatever regression is in the kernel has broken the newer images for me…

You can rebase to any previous image by using its tag:

rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://

This will rebase you to the 39 image from the 7th. You can keep going back and rebooting until you find the one that works for you.

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