Bazzite Website!

Gone are the days of being redirected to the Github repository!

Give us feedback in this thead.


Neat! The site looks good. But the “Learn More” button is slightly cut off at the bottom by the “Play your favorite games” part. Maybe add a bit more bottom-spacing below the button?

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The website looks great! Wow, I had no idea you guys were cooking this up!

One minor thing: when I selected options for the image picker, I did get some text come up on the right telling me about picking bazzite and rebasing, but I don’t see instructions for downloading or using the specific image I would use based on what I selected. What is supposed to be the next step for a user from this page?

In general, though, I love the concept. It’s much more friendly than sending people to a long list of images and hoping they don’t get overwhelmed or even know what they’re looking at.

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Looking good, here’s a couple things I spotted that could use fixing up


  1. Inconsistent border radiusing, with 2nd item in grid lacking any and not taking up full height. This is due to the img dimensions on it not being set to 1440 for width and height like the other items.

  1. “A modern and beautiful desktop from the the GNOME Foundation, built from Fedora Silverblue.”

Replace “the the” with “the”


  • User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
  • Resolution: 3840x2560

You’ve got a way bigger monitor than I! Both are fixed now, much appreciated.

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Yeah we don’t have specific ISOs for every image. It’s only instructions on what image to choose during the installation process on the one ISO we have, and rebasing from an upstream Fedora OSTree OS.

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I was planning on it for a while, but Bazzite and ublue always had priority. Managed to bang this out in a day while sick :slight_smile: Now at least it’s up and future enhancements can be made quickly.

Glad you like it!

The learn more being cut off at some resolutions should be fixed now as well, and I’ve added a link to the releases page from the image picker, among numerous other enhancements.

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The image picker is brilliant. I would love to see it expanded upon as it really makes Bazzite a lot easier to recommend to inexperienced people, especially over Silverblue.

One thing though is that “Other Laptops” are missing. If I have an AMD/Nvidia laptop which image would I go for?

Maybe Other Laptops (Intel) & Other Laptops (AMD) which shows an option to select a gpu vendor or lack thereof.

Edit: If possible I would contribute to the website if the source code is available anywhere. Or I can provide a simple mockup (if I figure out how) to make the image picker a bit more user friendly.


Those are now added, along with the fancy new ISO downloading stuff!

Website source code is at: GitHub - KyleGospo/ Bazzite's Website


Just took a look and it’s good to see. Hopefully it will reassure new users that the image they’re getting will “just work”.

I wanted to just double check just in case though. I was looking at the Framework selection in the picker and it’s using the bazzite image not bazzite-framework. Is that intentional? (I know not all images are built)

That is intentional, the new fsync kernel has all the needed patches and tuned replaces previously needed power control changes. Existing users will continue to get updates on the old image name.

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