Bazzite Buzz #2

Bazzite Buzz No. 2

Bazzite has hit over 1,000 commits in a little over 200 days since the project’s inception! We now own the domains and for this project. Offline ISOs are mostly ready to go, check it out below!

All hail the cube.

Before we move on to the changes we’ve got a new installation video from Justin Garrison

Features and Fixes

Bazzite 1.1 is out!

Here’s the quick summary:

New ISOs

Thanks to akdev1l we now have fresh offline ISOs available for testing! (EDIT: DO NOT USE THESE!)


  • All images can now be signed through Bazzite Portal.
  • Added calibrated color profiles for matte & reflective Steam Deck displays.
  • Switch to using dedup service from SteamOS-BTRFS.
  • Added ROM Properties.
  • Added GModCEFCodecFix for Garry’s Mod to resolve launch issues on the Linux port.
  • Oversteer can now be installed in the Bazzite Portal.
  • Toolbox is now restored.
  • Chinese input now works properly.
  • Changed the functionality of auto-start Big Picture Mode to auto-login on desktop images.
    • If you want the previous functionality back, enable “Start Steam in Big Picture Mode” in the Steam settings for previous behavior.
  • Added twitter-twemoji-fonts, matching SteamOS.
  • Nix package manager will now be added via the Determinate Systems Nix Installer.
  • Nix packages are now automatically updated.
  • Fleek is now an option for users using Nix.
  • Upgraded Greenlight to version 2.0.0.
  • Added PinApp to Bazzite Portal under “Utilities.”
  • Memory Tuning option removed from Bazzite Portal on desktop images.
  • Steam Deck images now mimic SteamOS’s volume levels.
  • Steam Deck images now uses the “flat” mouse acceleration profile to match SteamOS.
  • Steam Deck images now use the native package of Protontricks.
  • GNOME images will now use ProtonPlus over ProtonUp-qt by default.
  • GNOME images will also ship the AdwSteamGtk Flatpak for Steam.
  • Automatic updates for Firefox GNOME theme and Thunderbird GNOME theme.


  • Updates are no longer triggered when checking for one on Steam Deck images. (Thanks ChimeraOS!)
  • Update progress bar’s length is now longer and more granular on the Steam Deck images.
  • Tons of Waydroid fixes.
  • Tons of bazzite-arch distrobox container fixes.
  • Max volume is now reduced to prevent overamplification.
  • Fixed Steam reinstalling when switching to Game Mode.
  • Fixed Steam reverting beta client selection in Game Mode.
  • Fixed hardware detection in Bazzite Portal.
  • Fixed non-steam-deck hardware being limited to 15W.
  • Fixed updates not applying on Steam Deck images.
  • Fixed typo in just configure-waydroid.
  • Fixed auto-login in KDE images causing issues with the file picker.
  • Fixed ibus errors in the KDE images.
  • Fixed boot script slowdowns.
  • Fixed Steam Deck images having issues with Night Mode and other color issues from this PR.