Bazzite Hardware Compatibility for Gaming

Vulkan Compatible GPU

Linux gaming is heavily dependent on having compatible hardware with Vulkan.

If you’re using a device with an older or weaker GPU that does not support Vulkan 1.3 or later, then you need to use older Proton and Wine builds like Proton/WINE 6 or earlier.

Check which Vulkan version your GPU uses, enter this in the terminal:

vulkaninfo | grep 'Instance Version'
  • If it outputs less than 1.3 in the Vulkan Instance Version: or does not work at all, then you will run into issues including unplayable games and worse performance.
  • Really old devices may need to resort to OpenGL translation which performs worse, has graphical issues, etc.

Using insufficient hardware requires utilizing older Proton versions and use this launch option for most games:

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

Storage: NTFS and exFAT Filesystems for Secondary Drives

Warning: You will lose all of your data reformatting secondary internal/external drives.


If you are coming from Windows and plan to game on a secondary drive with games already installed on it, then we regret to inform you that the NTFS filesystem is unsupported for gaming.

Any secondary drives that you plan to play video games on should be backed up and reformatted to either Ext4 or BTRFS. You will lose all of the data on this device.

You can use KDE Partition Manager (KDE images) or GNOME Disks (GNOME images) to format the drives appropriately at your own risk.

There is a guide for using Proton with NTFS drive, but issues may occur with this setup.

exFAT and FAT32

exFAT and FAT32 are unsupported entirely. Both filesystems do not support symlinks which is what Proton prefixes use.

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