Bazzite GameScope Question

Good Evening, All!

I have Bazzite-Deck installed on my desktop. Everything’s running great, though I’m curious if there is a key or key combo that brings up the steam overlay when I’m in GameScope mode. Shift+Tab doesn’t do anything and I’ve tried a few different keys and combinations but to no dice. Additionally, is there any key/combo to bring up the equivalent of the Quick Access menu?

Thank you in advance to anyone that might be able to help!

Normally while you’re looking at the steam UI, you can use CTRL-1 for the steam menu or CTRL-2 for the performance/other options (menu on the right). You can use a controller as well by pressing on the guide (xbox) button for the steam menu and guide + A (or X on a playstation controller) for the right menu.

However, this does not work in-game for me, so I posted a topic about it here because I just can’t seem to get it to work: Any way to get the overlay in gaming mode while in-game? CTRL-1/CTRL-2 or Guide button not working - General - Universal Blue (

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Thank you so much, Timo!