Decky Loader on Desktop PC?


On my Legion Go I can easily display the right menu in gaming mode (Decky Loader) by pressing a button. But on my Desktop PC, I can’t figure out how to display this menu. Neither in Desktop mode nor in Gaming mode. I’d like to be able to control the overlay via this menu, for example.

Can you tell me how to display it?

I know that Decky Loader is installed on my PC.

Thanks in advance!

Your talking about the quick setting/performance tab on the right side? The “…” button on the right side of a steam deck? In big picture the keyboard shortcut should be ctrl+2, ctrl+1 will open the left menu which is equivalent to the steam button on the left of a steam deck.

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On a controller, hold the Xbox button or your controller’s equivalent and push A (or X on Playstation). If you hold the button for a bit it will show a list of the available shortcuts with the Xbox button, which show the combo I just mentioned and some others.

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Thank you both so much for your answers!
That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Will just say that with any xinput device, due to the driver upstream this is
Press the Xbox button then A (within a second of letting go of the xbox button)

The reason for this is because for some bizzare reason the xbox button is pressed on release instead of press.

CTRL + 2 is what I use when my controller isn’t plugged into my Bazzite Steam Machine HTPC