Bazzite Desktop Mode not functioning properly on GPD Win Mini

After initial install, Bazzite booted into some odd 480 x 800 resolution of KDE which wasn’t usable in the slightest, so I went ahead with a ujust update. After reboot, it booted into Game Mode which is scaled properly and works flawlessly for installing games and playing them.
That said, when booting into Desktop Mode, KDE is still scaled horribly wrong and I can’t even get into the Display settings to change anything, as KDE just becomes janky when I open up the start menu.
Here’s a paste (that’ll disappear 24 hour from now) of my system info, if that helps with troubleshooting:

To add context, my GPD Win Mini is the 2023 7840U refresh with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB NVMe. Ran ChimeraOS flawlessly in desktop mode and gaming mode prior to installing Bazzite- is there a way to permanently fix scaling from a TTY?

Video proof

After working with a mate on this issue, I had to run through the Bazzite initial setup in desktop mode, reboot, go back into Desktop Mode from Game Mode, and then I was able to change scaling from 300% to 100% finally without any visual glitching.

@j0rge feel free to close now that I’ve figured this out- looks like I can’t mark a solution on my own posts

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