Bazzite desktop crash on startup no signal

So since the 555 drivers got here my desktop keeps crashing after about 10 seconds and Discover crashes constantly even when i can get my pc to stop crashing, it then throws me back to the login screen which sometimes still works but may glitch out and become unresponsive, if i then log in i just get a no signal on my displays and they just turn off its on both x11 and wayland.

Could this be from the drivers? The only thing different between my 2 pcs is one is a laptop which works fine and dosnt have kvantum installed and my desktop with kvantum and its desktop components same updates.

But since it’s the worst it’s been today i haven’t been able to use it and try to uninstall it.

Edit: Alright so it seems that i can consistently get it to crash on every startup unless i turn off the power supply let all the power drain then start the pc and then desktop doesn’t crash.

sudo dnf remove kvantum doesn’t work for some reason and it doesn’t show up as installed in the discover store

Help would be appreciated :clap:

Option 1:

See if you can TTY (press CTRL+ALT+F2 and log in via terminal). If you can see if there is an outstanding update. If there is one try and update and see if your issues go away if not. Then try the bazzite-rollback-helper and try and rebase to an older version.

Option 2:

If you can get in without it crashing, I’d make a new user account and see if you can log in with that user. Then you can see if you have some issue with your config for that user or if it’s just broken

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