Backup strategy

Was thinking to do a fresh install to get unto the the new stable branch.

What backup strategy are people using?

Before daily driving an immuatable/atomic distro I would always use Timeshift as I really liked being able to go into the backup and pull out specific files without having to do a full restore.

Seems that timeshift isnt available in flatpak though…? Or at least not though the software center on Bluefin.

What are yall backing up with? What are you including / excluding from backups?

I backup my home directory via dejadup, all the stuff outside of it is reproduceable data so I don’t bother.

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I like to keep full image backups. I have several distro images that I swap between when I get bored.
I use Clonezilla mainly, but also Rescuezilla. Both are amazing.
I can save and swap images in roughly 15 minutes, no time at all really.

For the image, the backup is the registry. You have 90 days of backups on ghcr.

If you want longer you can run your own registry.

Almost all of your mutable data exists in /var. You can backup that directory using good old fashioned rsync. However, since the data I care about I pretty much on in my home, I use the borg frontend Pika Backup.

For the host image, you can easily swap between images if needed as well.

Including everything in ~/.local/share/ and ~/.var/?
(container and flatpak storage)

Ah good callout. Yeah you probably don’t need those.

We have an open issue of what we should recommend in an exclude list, the bot seems off to a good start. If someone wants to start adding detail there we can toss it in the docs: